In april 2013 we became the proud owners of Lustigsgården. We left our life in Stockholm and moved here to beautiful Rättvik in Dalarna County. Niclas is a master mariner and been working on ships for over 20 years. Ulrica have a long experience in the restaurant business and have also been working with meetings and events in many years.

We met when we where working on a steamship in the Stockholm archipelago 1997 and we enjoyed working together. Since we have been apart a lot when Niclas has been away working on the sea, we wanted to find something where we could work together again. It is expensive to live in Stockholm and hard to change your lifestyle and of a coincidence we found Lustigsgården. We were in Rättvik visiting a friend who just moved here, and we found Rättvik as a beautiful and nice place. Niclas got curios about the prices of the houses up here and then we found Lustigsgården, which was for sale. We made a trip here to have a look and we fell in love. After some consideration we gave our bid and all of a sudden it was ours. We sold our house in Stockholm and moved here to Rättvik. Our son Leo was nine years old at the time and he was really exited about moving to a different town. And we are all enjoying our new lifestyle here and we are proud and happy about that we made this step and made this change in our life.

The renovation

We are both quite handy and we have done renovation of two of our houses earlier so we have got some experience and knowledge about construction, and we both enjoy it. When we bought Lustigsgården one of the buildings was in such bad shape that the previous owners where supposed to tear it down. There was no heating system and there was a hole in the roof and there was mushrooms growing in the basement. A nightmare for some but we decided to save the building.

We started to change the roof and drainage the ground around the building. As it was dry from the top and the bottom we started to work with the inside. It took us a few years and it has been a lot of hard work, but now we have 10 new rooms in there and a common living room. Outside we also made a nice veranda for our guests. So in total we now have 14 rooms.

You are so welcome to come and stay with us at Lustigsgården! We would love to have you as our guest and show you around. Hope to see you soon!

Kind regards

Ulrica and Niclas Björklund